Tip of the Month: Integrating RACO Catalyst with Micrologix PLCs

Posted on Thu, Mar 24, 2011 @ 11:27 PM

Interfacing RACO’s Catalyst  system with Allen-Bradley’s MicroLogix PLCs allows Catalyst to use existing wiring for alarm notifications and data logging. The following tips will get you started:

1. Assemble your components: For proper setup, you will need RACO’s Catalyst system and Alarmware software, Allen-Bradley’s MicroLogix PLC and RSLogix software and the coordinating cables from each company.

2. Set up MicroLogix communications: Connect MicroLogix to your PC with the cable, then launch the RSLogix software. Using the software, set the communications driver to Modbus RTU slave and select the proper PLC data files.

3. Set up Catalyst Communications: Launch the Alarmware software, then connect Catalyst to your PC with the cable. Using Alarmware, configure the device and channel settings.

4. Construct the SNA (source network address): Configure your channels to communicate, then assign them to your project.

Find step-by-step instructions, plus some hand charts and diagrams, at RACO’s Support Center.

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