Systems Interface, Inc. Becomes a Member of RACO’s System Integrators Partner Program

Posted by dldaily on Thu, Jan 14, 2016 @ 7:13 PM

Systems Interface – A Member of RACO’s System Integrators Partner Program

At RACO Manufacturing and Engineering, we believe it is essential that automation system integrators have first class support in the selection, procurement, installation and commissioning of advanced monitoring products and systems.  RACO endeavors to meet these needs by partnering with select, highly qualified, organizations. It is for this reason that RACO proudly announces that Systems Interface, Inc. is a new member of our System Integrators Partner Program.

Congratulations to Systems Interface

The goal of this program is to provide a clear path of success for RACO system integrator partners.  To achieve this goal, the System Integrator Partner Program has been structured to supply information and training to help integrators build the expertise needed to bid and successfully implement RACO’s system products.  That is the Verbatim Gateway, Catalyst, and /AlarmAgent toolset.


The System Integrator Partner Program will also help our customers identify those integrators that have shown the capabilities to properly implement these products. To be a recognized RACO System Integrator Partner, integrators must enroll, complete a training program, and demonstrate technical expertise in applying RACO products.  Systems Interface has already met several of these requirements.

We look forward to a successful relationship between Systems Interface and RACO Manufacturing and Engineering.

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