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Posted on Thu, Jan 13, 2011 @ 9:19 PM

Tap into RACO’s 60+ years of expertise in remote monitoring and alarm notification! Get live chat support or log into our 24/7 Support Center to submit questions and search our database of FAQs and product details, including manuals, specs, installation guides and maintenance information. We continually expand this knowledge base to better support you, creating the industry’s most robust support center. Click on the following tutorials to learn more:

Free 24/7 Support Centeralarm autodialers

Search FAQs – Browse through our ever-growing database of 500+ frequently asked questions. Search by product, category, or keyword. No login required.

Create your knowledge base account – It’s fast and free!

Ask us anything – Submit a question and ask for help.

Customize your page – Keep a list of your questions / topics of interest and receive e-mail updates as new information becomes available.

Free Live Chat Support

RACO live support – Get access to RACO product application experts.

All of us at RACO are committed to supporting you. For more than 10 years running, we’ve maintained a 97% customer service rating – the highest in the industry. Try our live chat support and Support Center now to see our commitment in action!

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