RACO’s New Verbatim SCADA System

Posted on Fri, Jan 28, 2011 @ 2:41 PM

RACO’s Verbatim® SCADA, a pump station performance monitoring system, works with an existing fleet of Verbatim remote telemetry units (RTUs), making it an ideal system upgrade for current Verbatim RTU users. The system, which is compatible with Windows 2000 or Windows XP, combines the Verbatim System with a central station host computer, allowing an interface with up to 2500 RTUs.

Efficient and easy-to-use, Verbatim consists of the central station host computer, which communicates to the RTU fleet via a modem bank. Since the system is designed specifically for Verbatim RTUs, no programming is needed to make it compatible with the current RTU fleet. The system stores the information in a database, which can be shared with other pump station applications. A graphical user interface allows system integrators to access the Verbatim SCADA system’s features, while online help and product documentation provide information about the system.

The program works as a “report by exception system,” allowing for continuous pump station monitoring, reporting, data logging and alarm notification. The SCADA system includes built-in templates so users can easily set up polling schedules, RTU configurations and modem lines. The system allows for data collection through a polling schedule or on demand, and the creation of a variety of reports, with options to e-mail, print or save as a file. Data is stored automatically to the MySQL database.

The new SCADA system can support up to eight simultaneous sessions with eight distinct RTUs, and users can monitor pump station status with an easy-to-read popup summary with color-coded status updates. The system has a 2.5 billion byte capacity, or up to 2 megabytes per RTU.

View a product overview, user manual and specifications for the Verbatim SCADA system on our website.

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