Chatterbox: The Reliable Standard

Posted on Thu, Mar 24, 2011 @ 10:16 PM

RACO introduced the Chatterbox autodialer in 1985, and it quickly earned a reputation for providing reliable alarm monitoring. During the last 26 years, RACO has continued to update Chatterbox with the latest technology so that it continues to provide reliable, affordable alarm monitoring for water and wastewater operations.

The Chatterbox system’s primary function is alarm monitoring. To set alarm parameters and messages, the plant operator can program the system either on-site or by phone. If an alarm condition is sensed, Chatterbox calls a preprogrammed list of phone numbers until it reaches a plant staff member. Chatterbox recites the alarm location and the problem in plain English, and the staff member acknowledges the message by pressing a button on the phone. If Chatterbox senses an alarm condition, but it quickly returns to normal, it will still call the numbers so the staff knows that a problem occurred.

Chatterbox also provides a status-checking function, so plant personnel can call into the system by phone to get status checks at any time. The system also comes equipped with a microphone that allows communication between onsite and offsite staff members for easy status updates.

To ensure reliability, Chatterbox includes several maintenance functions as well. The autocall function verifies that all the programmed phone numbers work by calling them at predetermined intervals. The system also issues a warning if it senses that the alarm switch is off.

Chatterbox comes standard with four digital inputs, and upgrades are available if more are needed. Other add-on options include an analog signal input and a 425-word vocabulary that can be programmed by code.

Visit the Chatterbox product page to learn more about the system through brochures, case studies and more.

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