The Florida Water System Hack And How to Protect Your Operation From A Similar Fate

Posted on Thu, Mar 11, 2021 @ 5:32 PM

Lessons from the Pinellas County, FL Hack

The biggest challenge the 55,000 water treatment plants in the US face is monitoring the plant to avoid intrusions. In our increasingly digital world, the threat of intrusion is no longer just physical.

Water treatment plants are amongst the focus of cyberattacks from international hackers and extremists. The recent hack of the treatment facility in Pinellas County, Florida, shows us that even the smallest operations are at risk.

Why? The reason is simple; each of these plants provides water to an average of about 50,000 Americans. The potential impact of a hack is substantial for those seeking to do maximum damage.

This figure is attraction-seeking, and the US water supply technology has very little protection against hacking.

The Florida incident is a case study to explore the prevailing problems with the existing water system management technologies in the country and how operators can better protect their critical infrastructure going forward.

BACKGROUND: The Florida Water System Hack

In the early days of February 2021, an unknown hacker recently infiltrated a computer for the water system and briefly increased the amount of sodium hydroxide by a factor of more than 100.

The introduction of sodium hydroxide would have led to the loss of disinfectant in the water, a sudden change in water PH level, and dissolved oxygen in suspension. (more…)

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